Magrotex Agricultural Equipment Food and Livestock Fair

Agriculture Agricultural Technologies, Seed, Fertilizer, Feed, Saplings, Irrigation Units, Greenhouse, Spraying, Animal Husbandry Technologies Food and Food Industry / Mardin Fairgrounds.

In Mardin, which is one of the important meeting points of the agricultural sector and the Middle East, MAGROTEX’ Mesopotamia Mardin Agricultural Equipment Food and Livestock Fair will be organized in Mova Park Mardin Fairgrounds, where companies operating in the Mesopotamia region can exhibit their equipment and products on the basis of all kinds of innovation and R&D. Last year’s Magrotex Fair, which made a great impression in Turkey and the Middle East, will be attended by YEŞİL AMBALAJ A.Ş. this year. Having the Agriculture, Food and Livestock Fair in Mardin province is a gain for our producers and farmers. Because in this fair, our farmers will have the chance to see the machines and equipment they use in the field more suitable for technology and new technology. It is also important in terms of drip irrigation rather than machinery equipment. In addition, awareness will be raised on beekeeping, poultry farming, livestock breeding, organic agriculture, fertilization and seed production. PLUSSTAND Magrotex International -Mardin Agricultural Equipment Food and Livestock Fair offers its customers a smooth exhibition calendar with rental exhibition stands, exhibition stands, stand designs and 24/7 assembly service, technical support services.

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